A Short History Of Huntsville, Utah

A Short History Of Huntsville, Utah

Besides the two small communities Liberty and Eden, Huntsville is the third one and together they comprise the Ogden Valley. Huntsville is the only incorporated town and it is located in the Ogden Canyon near the Ogden City. It is a very small town with a population of 717 people.

The wondrous beauty of this particular area is truly captivating and this location draws many travelers who like to admire the beauty of nature. In 1860 the first settlement saw the light of day. It was comprised of several families who just wanted a place where they could establish their settlement.

Their primary activity was hay cutting and this area was just perfect for them. Among the settlers was Jefferson Hunt and the town of Huntsville got its name from him. Since the area was also inhabited by the Indians, they managed to find a peaceful solution how to live with them in relative unity.

To maintain peace, they had to pay an annual tax of vegetables, flour and beeves. Huntsville saw its incorporation in 1903 and that is the year when the city hall was built. It was also the year when the first electric system was built as well.

In 1924, the town managed to secure their first water system and once it was officially completed, Huntsville became the second incorporated community after Ogden. In 1965, Huntsville saw its first history department, which was manned entirely by volunteers.

The department was funded by donations mainly. They established the first U.S. post office, the oldest tavern, a gift store, a beauty parlor, a factory, a psychiatrist, a dentist, a sandwich and a convenience store in the early 1990s.

The Shooting Star

The tavern Shooting Star is officially the oldest tavern in the whole Utah. The two most dominant occupations were dairying and farming in the past. Today, Ogden Valley is known to be the very heart of the entire nearby Pineview Reservoir, commonly known as a recreational area, very popular among tourists.

The Shooting StarThey love it because it is just perfect for water skiing, boating and fishing. Those who are into water skiing have a lot to look forward too because the ski areas are located near the Powder Mountain, Nordic Valley and Snowbasin.

All three areas offer even more sporting activities and the landscapes in this area are breathtakingly beautiful. With the first three public schools in Utah, Huntsville had the very first teacher. Winter is the most magical period for Huntsville as the entire town square is turned into an ice skating attraction. Still, the summer is known for the various fruit and vegetables who manage to turn out good despite more than a short season.

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